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some of our favorite books and companies to help us not only PROTECT our kids, but also PREPARE them



FEARLESS PARENTING by George Barna & Jimmy Myers--How to raise faithful kids in a secular culture. Order HERE

THE YOUNG MAN'S GUIDE TO AWESOMENESS by Barrett Johnson--How to guard your heart, get the girl, and save the world. Order HERE

MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE by Barrett Johnson--10 critical conversation every teenage girls needs to have with your dad. Order HERE

THE TALKS by Barrett Johnson--A parents guide to critical conversations about sex, dating, and other unmentionables. Order HERE

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"Parenting is not a spectator sport; it is a full-contact, immersive commitment."

--Fearless Parenting


AURA (with CIRCLE)--Parental controls for all your devices to manage wifi, screen time, and monitor all websites and apps.

BARK--Proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and 30+ different social networks for potential safety concerns.

GABB WIRELESS--A safe phone for kids. No internet. No games. No social media. No worries. Just calls and texts.

PINWHEEL--A phone without a web browser, social media, or app store. All controlled by a parent-controlled app, even who can text or call.


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LIFE360--Location safety with GPS and place alerts, as well as driving safety including crash detection, top speed, even texting while driving alerts.

Mint Mobile--Discount phone service.